KOFXIV: Translated Frame Data Tables of K’, Athena, Love Heart, Nakoruru, Terry, Robert

Check out this google doc of frame data tables translated from this Japanese blog: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/korisu/blomaga/ar1101829#-


The blog appears to belong to this person’s twitter account: https://twitter.com/rim_0706

Currently we don’t know who translated it from Japanese to English (or from Japanese to whatever language, translated to English), if anyone has information, please share that with everyone, and give that person thanks!

So far, it’s just start-up frames and frames on block for characters K’, Athena, Love Heart, Nakoruru, Terry, and Robert!

Source: Tip Submitted via Facebook

UPDATE: The person that translated the data from the blog is https://twitter.com/vryu123 ! Follow him, and give thanks!

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