KOF Interest Survey 2016 Results

The KOF Interest Survey that Fatacon and Reiki-Kito created a month ago is now closed and complete!

Here is a quote from Reiki-Kito:

This data is being shared with the hope that responsible and eager members of the community can make a change. We also hope tournaments and events that cater to our community use this information to see further growth.

The survey is complete and we will do a follow up in mid 2017. The follow up will see how perceptions have changed.
The Spanish, Korean, and Japanese surveys will be up till December.

Here is a public copy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x-IMB2tk5VP1hAQ6y6BPdJ6v4bgSkf63oEhT0__xVUw/edit#gid=236739004

Tell us what you think of these results in our comment section below!

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