#KOFXIV Run Speed Tier List By ANTINOMY

For those curious about the different run speeds each character in King of Fighters XIV has, check out the pastebin run speed tier list by Antinomy!

-Bandeiras, Vanessa, Mature, Vice, Luong
-Shun’ Ei
-Choi, Billy, Angel, Ramon, Joe, Terry, Kyo, Benimaru, Kukri, Iori, Andy, Kensuo, Robert
-Tung, Clark, Kim, Ryo, Sylvie, Nelson, Alice, Antonov, Ralf, Geese, Hein.
-Yamazaki, Whip, Yuri, Mui Mui, Gang Il, Athena, King, Mian, Zarina, Mai, Nakoruru, Love, K’, Kula, Meitenkun, Maxima

As you noticed, Leona isn’t on the list. Stay tuned for a possible update soon!

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