#KOFXIV: Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki! Damage, high amounts of meter, and interesting setups are the motif of these combo videos!

Antonov is a character who uses brute force to deal damage. He used to be able to do a ton of silly yet very damaging loops but sadly it got nerfed but at least they gave him the ability to OTG with his super. Low combo potential and I really hoped that Antonov would have been able to juggle after his specials since with certain setups, he can put the opponent in a very high juggle state but yeah… it doesn’t reward you with anything no matter how high or low the opponent is.

Ryo’s combos are very troublesome due to multiple segments being character specific due to different hurtboxes. Ryo got a nice buff to his combos and that being his EX Zanretsuken being an anywhere juggle (I invented that term by the way. Yes, shameless plugging). While it does extend his combos, a lot of his EX moves can only be used once in a combo, still hindering his combo potential but luckily a lot of his moves put the opponent in a juggle state, still being able to dish out some cool combos… if you’re in the corner.

Source: Persona Entertainment

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