• They should use the 3D models assets from KOFXIII in KOFXV cause the characters are so clear, polished, and pure perfect.
    Otherwise, they should strategically partnership with Bandai Namco Studios to let Tekken 7 team do the 3D modeling work for them under SNK’s supervision and SNK do the gameplay mechanics.
    Or, go with Arc System Works to do it in either 2D or 2.5D cell-shaded art-style.
    If it’s a budget issue, then just go with a partnership with Jade Studio who made Xuan Dou Zhi Wang
    /King of Combat.

  • I watched this when it came out. You guys are overthinking it. No amount of online tutorials, cool combos, streamed matches or grassroots blogging will get more people to play; all of that comes after initial interest. No layman is gonna watch videos for a game he isn’t interested in or heard of (via hype). And they way to get that initial interest is they way SNK did it before: GOOD GRAPHICS/PRESENTATION.

    Good graphics and presentation, as long as they’re not too “anime”, are the biggest selling point for non-diehard fans. Graphics generate pre-release hype. Fun and depth of gameplay come second.

    There were dozens of games with dedicated communities that’d upload, share strategies, stream, get hype, and no one cared because either the game was too anime and weird (Blaz Blue, Guilty Gear, Skull Girls) or had average or below graphics (Fighting Ex Layer, King of Fighters XIV).

    Eg: Look at the reception to Samurai Shodown to King of Fighters XIV. Night and day. The only difference is better graphics; people who didn’t even know what it was or how to play it became hype, based on trailers alone. Better graphics, music, menus, and animation = more people will try the game out.

    Whether players stick around or not is a different story. That’s when you start talking community content.

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