Dream Cancel Discord Server #KOFXIV October 2019 Exhibition Matches

Our King of Fighters XIV Team Fatal Fury online tournament could not run because of lack of participants. A few of us brainstormed in our server on ways we can have good, competitive online matches with each other without using a tournament format.

We decided that capturing exhibition matches would be best. We found out that this method is easier to plan out and can help showcase individual players. This format is also helpful for players to watch their own matches for review and/or have other players review their matches for feedback on their gameplay.

If you would like to participate in an exhibition match with us, join our discord server, play some sets with others in the #kofanyone channel then let us know if you would like to play any of us in a set. We have players both on Steam and PS4 platforms.


Below is a playlist of all of our exhibition matches that were recorded and uploaded in October:

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