KOFXIII: A Look Into The Mind Cast feat. Juliet K (Wed, Aug. 8th)

KOFXIII: A Look Into The Mind Cast is a cast with Choysauce (Henry Choi) and Metaphysics (Abe Licon) that delves into the mental aspect of fighting games using KOF as a medium. The catch is that the player of the matches being analyzed is included as a guest on the show. This Wednesday, they have up and coming Socal player, and new member of Cafe Id, Juliet K.

Tune in this coming Wednesday night (Aug. 8th) at 8pm Pacific Standard Time!

Here’s the link to the Showprime show: http://showprime.com/Choysauce85/Kk57Bu96k1Rh!

Also check out the thread to stay updated and give feedback: https://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2276.0

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