Cafe:Id Mad KoF is Confirmed for Season’s Beatings: Ascension

Ghaleon, the renowned organizer of Season’s Beatings, has just confirmed that EVO2012 KoFXIII champion Mad KoF will be in attendance at Season’s Beatings: Ascension.

Season’s Beatings: Ascension is happening September 28-30 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ghaleon has expressed tons of enthusiasm towards both KoFXIII and the KoF community, and Season’s Beatings: Ascension is shaping up to be an amazing event for the game. If you are anywhere near Cleveland, make sure you don’t miss this epic tournament!

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  • Los Illuminados

    Cafe:Id Mad KoF is Confirmed for Season’s Beatings: Ascension? HOLD IT! that’s awesome news! it shaping to be a epic tournament indeed but i wonder didn’t Cafe:Id say they wasted alot if not all their money in coming to EVO2k12? coming to this tournament contradict what they said? unless they got a sponsor or someone else it paying for him. if $$$$ is coming out of MadKOF own pocket i would say should have save it up to come over at next year EVO2k13. anyways it matters not thanks to Ghaleon and all of dreamcancel staff for the heads up on this. I hope other sites get to republish this article as they should always be doing this.

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