Help Huevo Go To Chile!

Another great effort to unite the KOF community is happening as we speak.

This time we have the Chilean community trying to get Huevo, one of Mexico´s finest players, to visit their country for their upcoming Meliblipa Tournament.

To do so they have been playing high stakes money matches and using that money to cover Huevo´s expenses for the trip. Here´s one of the many high level sets that have been played:

A donation page has been setup via paypal for anyone who wishes to Help Huevo in his quest to travel to chile. Donations can be sent to Chilean Player Torta´s paypal account.

His Paypal account email is:, make your donation with “Help Huevo to go Chile” as the subject.

Thank you for all who have donated so far, let´s make this happen, let´s Help Huevo to go Chile!!!

Donate Here:[paypal-donation]

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