Community Tribute for the Kof 20th Anniversary

KOF-Tribute-American-Sports-Team-King-of-FightersOriginally published on August 25th, 1994 in Japan, today marks the 20th Anniversary of the King of Fighters Series.  The folks over at have organized a community tribute to celebrate the special occasion.  Over 30 Kof fans submitted original artwork to show their love for the series.  Head over to game-art-hq to check out the tribute!


  • Wow this really looks like an official 20th site, dude!
    i wish current and ex snk(playmore) folks get to see this. I remember they had those happy birthday fan arts posted on their website was it 15th? anyway, I like overseas fans art also (they appeal somewhat different) and hope some fan in JPN get to see this, too.

  • Thanks for writing about our art tribute @ Freddy and Dreamcancel

    As a big KOF fan and player since almost the whole 20 years now it was a pleasure to get this organized.

    And also thanks at Meep for the nice comment…I don’t think our website looks or is that professional but we give our best to share out love for the video games we play!

  • Thanks for organizing this community tribute, Reinhold! I can feel your love for the game just by browsing the page!

  • Ah My pleasure, RH! I’ve let KOF Koucha (Japanese kof & neogeo news site) know about this and he’s already introduced yours and posted the link ( honestly lots of Japanese don’t read English but they sure do understand the “language”( we speak kof, sort of). I’ve also talked to SNKp through their contact form to let them know the presence of the love overseas. hope a few of the developers get to see yours.
    I never take this sort of things for granted. Thank you very much.

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