The Rhythm of Fighters to be shutdown on 7/15

10550154_360274184119992_5486398273640082573_oSNK’s mobile music game “The Rhythm of Fighters” will end its service on the Apple App Store and Google Play store as of July 15th, 2015.

After that, you will not be able to purchase the game or any of its DLC tracks anymore.  In addition, you will not be able to redownload the game/DLC that you purchased if you switched device.

You can, however, still play the game as long as you don’t switch devices.

Below is the official announcement:

“Announcement of “THE RHYTHM OF FIGHTERS - SNK Original Sound Collection” Suspension of Service

Thank you very much for your support of our game application “THE RHYTHM OF FIGHTERS - SNK Original Sound Collection”.

We regret to inform all our users that “THE RHYTHM OF FIGHTERS - SNK Original Sound Collection” will end its service on the App Store & Google Play as of July 15th, 2015.

Please note you will not be able to purchase “Additional music pack”, “Support characters” and “Additional characters” in-app items anymore after the date above, but you can keep enjoying “THE RHYTHM OF FIGHTERS” as long as you don’t uninstall your application from your device.

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your kind understanding.”

Exploring KoF XIII dialogues: Mai and the Shiranui legacy

Even if you play KoF mostly for the competitive side of things and don’t really care about the game’s story, you must have at least spent some time in XIII’s Arcade mode to unlock Billy and Saiki. In the process, you may have read or skipped all the pre-match exchanges between every pair of characters that meets in the game’s Arcade mode.

Some of those conversations reference story elements from previous games, and not just from the KoF series, so new players might not be familiar with some of the referenced names and events. Since the stories and characters SNK has developed over the years are among the strongest aspects of their body of work, it’s worth trying to clarify some of them.

She doesn’t have a major role in KoF XIII’s primary story, but as a famous character she was heavily requested during XII’s release. Mai was therefore given considerable focus in XIII’s promotional materials, so she seems like an interesting character to start with.

In her match with Takuma, he mentions someone called Hanzo:

mai-takuma_hanzo Read more

In depth analysis of character drop speeds and Iori safe jump timing

TSS Atma recently put up a new video where he analyzes the nuances of different characters’ drop speed and how that affects Iori’s safe jump timing.

Here is the description of how it works:

“So Athena hits the floor after SDM on frame 40, normal characters on frame 38. Joe hits the floor on frame 33 and the consequence is DM becomes an 8f safejump and SDM a 10f safejump against him(so neither work!)

There is no such thing as Athena/King/Joe having magical faster starting up moves or cancelling their wake up frames, they just happen to hit the floor faster in certain scenarios. In Athena’s crystal bit case the 3rd and 4th frame have a really small hitbox around her head, so it can’t really hit grounded opponents consistently, but can hit airbourne ones.

This is why EX Kyo Rekka string will always lead to a 3f safejump on any character, as his rekka is special in that it forces characters to hit the ground immediately when done on the ground.

Further Clarification:

Everything in this video is to do with characters hitting the ground at different times after Iori’s super, they do not wake up at different speeds or anything like that. Shen hits the ground on the 36th, as does King. Kula on the 37th. Yuri, Karate and Saiki hit on the 39th frame, and that’s important for Yuri as it means she cannot hold neutral to abuse her bug as Iori’s safejump is 4f.

What’s important is this is not universal and a good example of that would be Chin. Chin lands on the 38th frame like most of the cast after the DM/SDM however against Vice after a normal throw he hits the ground super late compared to other characters, which allows Vice to combo her EX Sleeve on Chin. The numbers stated are not universal! It can change from situation to situation but generally what I have found is there are often repeat characters(King, Joe) and for most of the “standard” cast, they don’t ever seem to have this strange phenomenon happen.”

Dream Cancel KOF2002UM Steam Battle #2 Results & Videos

This past Steam Battle for KOF2002UM, we had over 9 players joining us!

To check out the scores and results, visit the forum thread where they are posted:

Here is a video recorded by bpakito facing off against sketchspace, laziefred:

Next game for the Steam Battle will be KOF13! Check out details here:

Korean Ratio Chart for KOF XIII

CIET-9OUMAAhxr_In an effort to increase character diversity, members of the Japanese Korean KOF community have created a ratio chart for an upcoming ratio tournament for KOF XIII.  The practice of using ratio lists to increase character diversity dates back to some of the older KOF titles.  See here for an example ratio list for KOF 2002um.  Basically, you pick a team that comprised with characters with a total point ratio equal or less than number specified.

A note worth mentioning is that a ratio chart is not a tier list.  It is meant to increase character diversity, so it is based on only on character strength, but also popularity and relative distribution of characters in the different ratios.

Do you agree or disagree with this ratio chart?  Or do you feel like we should start running similar ratio tournaments in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.

Update 1:  Added a ratio chart from Scotland (Max ratio = 9).

11156398_10153205422693608_8309542395025404050_nUpdate 2:  Our friends at kofkoucha and Gatoray pointed out that the ratio chart is in fact Korean, not Japanese.  Much thanks to Meep for pointing this out.

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