KOF XIII: Duo Lon Visual Podcast Tutorial By FM Sway

FM Sway did a very creative stream concept last night by combining the audio from our Dream Cancel Podcast Character Series episode from last year which featured SirOctopus talking about DuoLon with a live visuals, testing and some commentary!

FM Sway will be using more of the character series podcasts for these live streams, so be sure to follow him at: http://www.twitch.tv/FM_Sway

Here are some notes from FM Sway himself from the description section of the youtube video:

“Introducing another series, the Visual Podcast Tutorial!

Dream Cancel has been kind enough to deliver Podcast Tutorials for characters in The King of Fighters XIII, featuring multiple top players and the like to deliver what you need to know to start playing KOF XIII. However, there was a huge lack of any visual guides to understand what they are saying.

So, with permission from DC; Dream Cancel and FM Sway presents the Visual Podcast Tutorial, utilizing the original audio and interviews with top players to showcase a character’s strengths, weaknesses and advice, into a viewable form.

And last but not least, these tutorials are also to raise awareness for the final big KoF tournament of North America, being held at North East Championships! NEC is celebrating its 15th Anniversary, as well as KoF celebrating its 20th Anniversary! The KoF tournament at NEC is FREE ENTRY, but also includes a Pot Bonus of up to $2100, delivered by KOF Scene regulars Wyseguy, Garou Mike, Rome, KPB and NEC’s Big E himself! Want to enter the tournament and claim the prize as the best of North America?! Register and Book your Hotel now at www.BigEGaming.com for more info!

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Thunderstruck 2014 KoFXIII Grand Finals EGN CG|Hugo vs LDA.XD|Kula

VideogamesXDTV just uploaded the grand finals between Hugo vs Kula from the Thunderstruck 2014 tournament this past weekend! It was originally streamed by Team Sabroso and if you would like to know more information about the tournament, check out the article by our good friends KOFFuneral: http://koffuneral.blogspot.com/2014/10/kof-xiii-stream-33-participantes-en-el.html

TOP 8 (33 participants)
1.) LDA XD| Kula
2.) EGN CG| Hugo
3.) EGN| Schomoo

4.) Dios3000 Piraña
5.) DS| Excelancer
5.) XTR| Huevo
7.) XTR|Koopa
7.) Maraya

Source: VideogamesXD, KOFFuneral

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The Fall Classic 2014 KoFXIII Grand Finals Xian vs Sole Chris

The past few days, FunkyP Presents has been uploading archives of various fighting games that was featured at The Fall Classic 2014. Here is the grand finals match of Xian vs SoleChris! Post your thoughts of this set in the comment section below!

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Oct. 25-29th KOF XIII Events

Kansas City Onslaught

Date: Oct. 25th, 2014
Location: Kansas City, MO
Full Details Here

SB2 Fright Fights

Fright Fights @SB2
Date: Oct. 29th, 2014
Location: Bronx, NY
Full Details Here

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Dream Cancel Live! Episode 31: How To Improve From Watching Videos

In this episode we will talk about ways for you to improve your gameplay by watching match videos from others, match videos of your own, and we will share our favorite KOF tutorial videos, match videos and other kinds of videos that we find helpful.

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KoFXIII – Karatips #2: Frames and Cancels

Shaman2602 is back with another well done and informative tutorial video which explains the usage of frame data (using tactics such as frametrapping for example) and also explains the many different kinds of cancels that are featured in KOFXIII! Mr. Karate and the Art of Fighting team are your instructors in this video!

Also, check out part 1 if you missed it!

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KOF XIII FT20: XTR|Huevo (Mexico) vs LDA|Misterio (Chile)

GuttsCL posted up a first to 20 wins set between Mexico’s Huevo battling against Chile’s own Misterio! There were sound issues while recording the video, so there is alternative swapped sound.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Source: GuttsCL Youtube

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The Fall Classic 2014 Top 8

FunkyP streaming Top 8 for KOFXIII

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Oct. 7-12th KOF XIII Events


The Fall Classic 2014
Date: Oct. 10-12th, 2014
Location: Raleigh, NC
Full Details Here

Columbus, OH KOF XIII Ranbats

Columbus, OH KOF XIII Ranbats
Date: Oct. 7th, 2014
Location: Columbus, OH
Full Details Here

Red Fight District 3

Red Fight District 3
Date: Oct. 11-12th, 2014
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Full Details Here

NYCC Afterparty

NYCC Afterparty
Date: Oct. 11th 2014
Location: New York City, NY
Full Details Here

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Metal Slug X Steam Release Available Now

Metal Slug XSteam

Metal Slug X is available on Steam now, priced at $7.99, or $12.99 to buy a copy for you and a friend.


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