Dream Cancel Live! Episode 27: Texas KOF’s Lonestar Admonition Tournament Pre-Show

Live Wednesday Nights 8:30pm Central/9:30pm Eastern

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Sept. 19-21st KOF XIII Events

Lonestar Admonition

Lonestar Admonition
Date: Sept. 20th, 2014
Location: Pasadena, TX
Full Details Here

GUTS 3 Foxwoods

GUTS 3 Foxwoods
Date: Sept. 19-21st, 2014
Location: Ledyard, Connecticut
Full Details Here

Rumble in the Tundra 4

Rumble in the Tundra 4
Date: Sept. 20th, 2014
Location: Buffalo, NY
Full Details Here

Las Vegas Fighting Game Championship Tournament

Las Vegas Fighting Game Championship Tournament
Date: Sept. 20th, 2014
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Full Details Here

Hostile Takeover's Battle Arena

Hostile Takeover’s Battle Arena #17
Date: Sept. 20th, 2014
Location: New Windsor, NY
Full Details Here

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Tomorrow Night on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 27: Texas KOF’s Lonestar Admonition Tournament Pre-Show


Tomorrow night at 8:30pm Central (6:30 Pacific/9:30 Eastern) we will be hyping up and talking to players, organizers and community members of the Texas KOF and Baton Rouge, Louisiana scene regarding their upcoming tournament this weekend, LoneStar Admonition!

Lonestar Admonition Come and Get Bodied

You can watch the show live here on the front page of dreamcancel.com or on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/dreamcancelsnk/live! The live embedded video will placed on the front page 30 to 45 minutes before the show starts. Please use the chatwing box to chat with other players and to ask questions to be answered on the podcast!

Be sure to try out the “applause” button while watching the show, it gives us live feedback during the show for we can know if people are watching and if they are enjoying the show! Also, if you have ANY general KOF questions (gameplay, community) please use the Q&A button on the event page, or post in the chatwing chatbox during the show!

Remember, tomorrow, Wednesday September 17th at 6:30pm Pacific, 8:30 Central, 9:30 Eastern!

Google Events page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ceji40cbn175k6fpufv6cdd2ook

Youtube Video Page: 

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Guard Cancel: CB|Moony Blues | Chicago, Illnois

Guard Cancel is an interview series profiling KOF community members and players. The goal is to get to know the people behind the tags. Guard Cancel will be published every Monday. If you’d like to be featured, email [email protected] or PM me in the forum.
Moony Blues Pic

1. How long have you played KOF? Which KOF was your first? Which is your favorite?

I’ve been playing KoF for about 3 years now. I’m relatively new to the fighting game scene, an’09er as it would be. And because of that, I unfortunately missed out on a lot of the previous KoF games. KoF XIII was my first experience with the series, and so far it is my favorite with ’98 coming in a close second.

2. Why KOF over all of the other fighters?

Custom colors, ‘nuff said. Haha just kidding, although there’s something great about giving the entire cast Jojos skins. When I first found the local scene where I went to university, I was there for Street Fighter and Mahvel, but there was one setup of KoF XIII where a few guys were grinding it out. I loved the sprite work and animation, but the combo system and especially the movement sold the game for me. The neutral game of KoF XIII at a high level is fantastic to watch; it’s like a dangerous dance between the fighters, as described by one of those guys.

3. Are you a tournament player? If so, list your tournament rankings.

I’d like to compete in tournaments, but unfortunately I haven’t had the resources to travel far from the Midwest because of being a poor college student. I was at UFGT X this past summer and went 2-2. And hopefully, now that I’m out of school and trying to settle into a stable job, I’d be able to attend a lot more majors.

Continue reading

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Style your opponent with all of Hwa’s Supers and Neomax in One Combo

After Ge Os uploaded his last Hwa combo, an idea came to his mind:  “Would it be posible to do all of Hwa’s Supers (NeoMax included) in one combo?”

And here’s the result!

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Super Game of Death 2014 KOF XIII Replays feat. Toshi, Kula, Violent Kain, Luis Cha and many others!

The final week of august was very special for the Mexican KOF Community.

DarkGeese arranged for Toshi to travel to Mexico to settle some old scores.

Toshi is widely known as one of the Best (if not THE Best) KOF 2002 players and he came to Mexico to prove that.

Enjoy all these KOF XIII replays and make sure to check DarkGeese’s Youtube to check more Super Game of Death 2014 replays, including all the KOF 2002 Matches Played!

Kula vs Toshi

Luis Cha vs Toshi

Violent Kain vs Toshi

El Rosa vs Toshi

Source: DarkGeese

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New Banner Released for Upcoming Athena Asamiya RPG

main_athenaasamiyaBuried among the bunch of new titles SNK Playmore plans to release in the next couple months along with Kof98 UM FE and Kof 2002UM is a mobile RPG game titled Athena Asamiya.

While little is known about the title except that the game would most certainly would base it’s gameplay around the titled psycho soldier.  Today SNK just released a banner for the game on it’s homepage.  As you can see, Athena appears in her original attire from the original Athena arcade sidescroller rather than her various uniforms in the Kof series.

Athena Asamiya is scheduled to release on Android and iPhone in early 2015.

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East Coast Players Step Up to Keep KOF XIII Strong at NEC; Pledges Over $2,100 for Pot Bonuses


Update: This post is being updated to reflect the additional contribution from dedicated Kof fans since the article was originally published.

Following KOF’s disappointing showing at West Coast Warzone last weekend with a paltry 10 entrants, many bystanders have proclaimed that KOF is dead, but is KOF really dead?  Many players on the East Coast disagree.  KOF is in fact alive and well on the East Coast with many passionate players willing to go to great lengths to show love for their favorite game.

“Wyseguy” (@ThatWyseguy), NYC resident and KOF super fan, has stepped up to provide a $1,000 bonus pot at NEC XV.  This will make the KOF XIII tournament FREE TO ENTER for everyone.  The exciting news quickly reverberated amongst the East Coast KOF scene.

Following this exciting news, BigE, the boss behind NEC, followed suit and decided to add $250 to the pot.

Not willing to be outdone by his fellow comrades, NYC resident and super Terry fanboy “Garou Mike” decided to match BigE’s $250 to the pot bonuses, on the condition that the number of entrants exceed 62, which is double the 31 entrants at Summer Jam.

Seeing this, fellow NYC player and KOF/Fatal Fury super fanboy “Rome himself” decided to follow suit and pledged $200 to the pot if the entrants reach 62.

The news of all the pot bonuses from KOF fans quickly snowballed overnight.

Dedicated NYC based streaming group Kick, Punch, Block (KPB) whose members consist of many long-time KOF fans including “Meanestrage” and “Roddyness” decided to add $300 to the pot. KPB has been supporting the east coast KOF community consistently in the past by streaming many of the past KOF tournaments and holding qualifier events for KOF majors.

SB2, an up and coming gaming venue based on the Bronx has pledged $100. The gaming lounge, in an effort lead by Galley the Pirate, has been pushing to include KOF XIII in its tournament and weekly casuals line up.

Together with Wyseguy, BigE, Garou Mike, Rome himself, KPB, and SB2′s contribution, the total bonus pot for KOF at NEC XV will be $2,100 IF the entrants exceed 62 players.

Ever since the news of Wyseguy’s $1000 bonus pot was released, the hype surrounding KOF at NEC XV is exploding fast, many players have already confirmed their intention to attend the event. Besides the usual KOF players on the East Coast, the hype has reached players across the country and beyond. Several players from CA, TX, CO, and Scotland have already confirmed their attendance or expressed strong interest in the event.

Since KOF at NEC XV will be a free-to-enter tournament, there is no excuse not to sign up.

NEC XV takes place this December 5-7 at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Essington, PA. You can find out more about the event at bigegaming.com or check out the Facebook Page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1521414411428753/

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Dream Cancel Live! Episode 26: Georgia KOF Interview

Live Wednesday Nights 8:30pm Central/9:30pm Eastern

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Kof 98UM FE and 02UM Steam Edition to be released in this upcoming November and December respectively


We all know this is coming, as we have speculated this for a long time, but today SNK Playmore is finally confirming that they’re bringing The King of Fighters 98 Unlimited Match Final Edition and The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match to Steam!

Kof 98UM FE is tentatively to be released in this November, while 2002UM is scheduled for this December.

Besides the two classic titles, SNK Playmore has also announced a few other new titles:

1. Beast Busters featuring KOF – action/shooting game on iPhone/Android to be released in this November

2. Sister Quest 2 (tentative name) – RPG on iPhone/Android to be released in early 2015

3. Monster King – RPG on iPhone/Android to be released in early 2015

4. Athena Asamiya – RPG on iPhone/Android to be released in early 2015

See below for the full list of titles SNK Playmore has in store for us:


Source: SNK Playmore; Gamer

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