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Ex King is a zoning and neutral monster thanks to her great set of normals that covers all the different areas she needs to control and her good fireballs that sets up her zoning game. Without meter Ex King isn't as threatening but when she has a bar she gets access to two really powerful supers that lets her control the match through a very strong fireball super and a 2f invul super than can anti air really well. The main threat she has on offense is her proximity unblockable that launches for combo followups. Her weaknesses include a lack of defensive options without meter and that her offensive threats are limited.

Changes from previous versions

98UM to 98UMFE


  • qcf+D has less recovery


  • qcfx2+P opponent can't recovery roll on hit

Normal Moves


  • st.A : standard standing jab with good range and priority. Great for stopping hops. Chainable. Not cancelable.
  • st.B : Has low invulnerability when she's off the ground. Good for stopping hops and but is prone to trading as an anti air against jumps. Not Chainable. Not cancelable,
  • st.C : very fast and active poke at 4f that can catch hops and function as a anti air from further away. It also works well against grounded opponent in footsies, though it won't hit crouchers other than the large ones and is susceptible to getting hit by lows. Not cancelable.
  • st.D : another good poke, hits a bit lower than st.C. Works well for Anti airs at long range where you hit with the tip of her shoe. Not cancelable.


  • cl.A : whiffs on tiny crouchers. Chainable. Cancelable.
  • cl.B : this is a fast standing low. Not Chainable. Cancelable.
  • cl.C : Hits above king so can be used as a close range anti air. For combos cl.D is the better choice. Whiffs on tiny crouchers.
  • cl.D : the first kick hits straight and the second one upwards. This is your main combo option from jumpins, the two hits makes it easy to hitconfirm. Both hits are cancelable.


  • cr.A : A standard crouching jab. Decent for blockstrings. Chainable. Cancelable.
  • cr.B : This is your main low combo option alongside cl.B Chainable. Cancelable.
  • cr.C : one of kings best anti airs as it has nice priority and hits the space above King. On hit you can cancel it into her B fireball to force your opponent to block it as they're coming down. Hit and whiff cancelable.
  • cr.D : this is a pretty bad sweep as it has about the same length of her cr.B. It does have a lot of active frames though. Not cancelable.


  • j.A : a fairly standard j.A that gets outclassed by her other jumping buttons.
  • j.B : one of your two go to air to airs alongside j.CD. Use j.B when you think j.CD will be too slow to come out.
  • j.C a strong jump in normal. Can be used for crossups.
  • j.D : another good jump in normal. comes out very fast and can be used as an instant overhead. When used as a jump in attack delay the button press so that you hit them deep.

CD Attacks

  • st.CD : great close range tool as it has low invulnerability and is cancelable so you can cancel it into fireballs on block. Makes for a good meaty. Slightly plus on block. Hit and Whiff cancelable.
  • j.CD : this is great as a air to air as well as air to ground as it goes from top to bottom in an arc. One of kings best air to air buttons and great to use as a jump in for pressure.


Hook Rush: b/f + C

  • Regular throw, Techable. King delivers a knee strike and an uppercut that sends the opponent almost full screen away.

Hook Master: b/f + D

  • Regular throw, Techable. King grabs the opponent with her legs and flips them behind her leaving full screen away.

Command Moves

Sliding Kick: df + D

  • a low slide.
  • This move allows King to low profile attacks, good to use as a ranged poke and to go under aerial fireballs.
  • fairly unique in the way that it is only cancelable during the raw version and not the cancelled one. you can get around this in combos by late cancelling into it.
  • You can cancel it into a special move like fireball for pressure or Mirage kick for a combo. Safe if spaced out, but punishable if done too close and not cancelled.

Special Moves

Trap Shoot: dp + B/D

  • King does a backflip while kicking. If it hits the opponent gets comboed and eventually kicked away.
  • On block it has a lot of pushback making it fairly safe. Not good as an anti air despite how it looks as it will lose or at best trade against jump in attacks, and it does zero damage in a trade.
  • Causes soft knockdown
  • Not good for reversals or anti-airing, good for ending combos and taking up a bunch of space onscreen

Venom Strike: qcf + B/D

  • King launches a projectile that travels full screen. B version travels slower and D version faster.
  • B version being slower means that it's better for setting up anti airs and roll punishes
  • D version travels very fast so it can be good to catch people off guard with.
  • Both versions are very safe on block even at point blank range.
  • can be hopped over.

Tornado Kick: hcb + B/D

  • King leaps forwards into the air and does two kicks. B version travels half a screen and D version travels 3/4 of the screen.
  • Good move to throw out to catch approaches with.
  • fairly safe when spaced out but punishable if blocked close up. D version is a bit more unsafe than the B version.
  • Good combo move when you're not in range for the rdp+K like after a slide.

Moushuu Kyaku: rdp + B/D

  • King delivers a series of close range kicks and then launches the opponent. There's no difference between the button strengths.
  • This is a proximity unblockable with partial startup invul.
  • This is a key move for Ex King as it can be comboed from both lights and heavies and it launches allowing for a variety of combo enders.
  • This also helps her mixup game a lot since she doesn't have many other tools to threaten with when up close.

Desperation Moves

Double Strike: qcf, qcf + B/D

  • King throws two big projectiles. The B version travels slower and the D version travels faster.
  • This is a really good super as the projectiles King launches will beat out most other projectiles in the game. When King has a super bar filled she can easily win any projectile zoning wars with the D version of the super.
  • This super is also good for combos since you can land it both off of a slide and after the prox unblockable.
  • both versions are punishable on block when done up close.
  • The MAX versions fireballs become bigger and more damaging, they travel the same speed as the D versions fireballs.

Surprise Rose: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • King launches the opponent up into the air and then divekicks them back down to the ground where she performs a series of fast kicks. B version travels a shorter distance and at a shallower angle compared the C version.
  • This is an invul super with only 2 frames of startup. It's a tremendous reversal and anti air that can make Ex King very hard to approach. It needs to be done when the opponent is close to the ground for the invul to beat out the opponents move, if you do it when they're too high up it might trade or get beaten out.
  • Since it is only 2f startup it can also work as a close range punisher.
  • Max version travels at the same trajectory as the C version but King does more kicks so it deals more damage.


  • cr.B st.B rdp+K dp+K/hcb+D/cr.C qcf+B/hcb+B dp+K/qcfx2+D

= Ex Kings main light confirm. You can go into different followups after the rdp+K. The hcb+B dp+K ender only works in the corner, and only the first hit of hcb+b will connect.

  • cr.Bx3 dp+K

= her longest light confirm. has to be done point blank and the timing for the lights is tricky.

  • (j.X) cl.D rdp+K dp+K/hcb+D/cr.C qcf+B/hcb+B dp+K/qcfx2+D

= Main jumpin and heavy button confirm. You can go into different followups after the rdp+K. The hcb+B dp+K ender only works in the corner, and only the first hit of hcb+b will connect.

  • (j.X) cl.D df+D qcf+D/hcb+D/qcfx2+D

= in order to cancel the df+D you need to cancel it late after the cl.D. A good indicator is after the both the hitsparks of the cl.D have come out. qcf+D is the safest but least damaging option.

  • (j.X) cl.D(1) df+D rdp+K dp+K/hcb+D/hcb+B dp+K/qcfx2+D

= harder but more damaging version of the rdp+K combo. You can go into different followups after the rdp+K. The hcb+B dp+K ender only works in the corner, and only the first hit of hcb+b will connect.

Quick Max Combos

  • cr.B ABC cl.D rdp+K qcfx2+D

= low starter into a quick max combo.

  • (j.X) cl.D(1) df+D rdp+K ABC dp+D

= an option to go into Kings MAX super when in red health.

(j.X) cl.D / cr.B st.B rdp+K dp+D ABC dp+D = Corner only combo.

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: EX King Guide by Mash It Out

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